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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Macaron Weekend Grand Marnier Macaron

For the final Rainbow of colors and flavored Macarons, we created a Blood Orange Shell with A White and Chocolate Grand Marnier Ganache
This concludes our macaron rainbow of

flavors and colors for now.

When I began this Memorial Weekend blog I was so excited to have a full weekend with Sydney, my kitchen, wonderfully fresh ingredients, and time to catch up with Sydney before her high school graduation. I am happy to report the weekend was divine, but time passes before my eyes and in just 48 brief hours she will graduate. 

I know and want her to move on to the next journey successfully, if I have done my parenting job correctly she will be an independent, caring persons. I selfishly am going to miss seeing her beautiful dimpled cheek face, she is an extraordinary young women and a remarkable "chef"!

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  1. Bobbie, I just thought I ought to comment on the Macarons. I think eating your macaron is like getting a glimpse of heaven.
    Great website, and great blog! I especially love the part about you and Sydney! xoxo, Noe