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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend Framboise Macarons

Having very few holidays left with my business partner and more importantly my daughter, I am using every bit of extra time to create fun in the kitchen with Sydney. Sometimes I have to hold my breathe to try and prevent missing one single moment. I am so very lucky we both have a passion for food.

When I say a passion for food, I am speaking of baking, creating, sometimes even crying, and most of all watching the people we love eat the pastries and little surprises we bake together. Almost all of Sydney's secrets have been told to me while we were in the kitchen, our love of baking/cooking has aided in our bond as mother and daughter, and to be honest I have done a share of sharing thoughts too! 

This holiday we decided to bake macarons and marshmallow, plus a few more pastries. Raspberries are one of my favorite berries, Sydney and I saw some beautiful ones at the farmer's market, and just knew we wanted to design a Framboise Macaron.

Here is the finished product filled two wonderful ganaches, we just could not agree on the filling, so rather then compromise we filled the Framboise Shell with both ganaches. The double ganache filling ended up being just what this little biscuit needed. A wonderful lasting sensation between the aroma and taste where raspberry scented and the filling followed the taste to the bottom of the macaron. 

Framboise Shell

A small blast of macron fun

We, believe it or not we decided to brew up marshmallows while the macaron shells rested.
Grand Marnier "Dreammallows," and we thought why not Guimauves à la framboise ( raspberry Marshmallows.)

Grand Marnier Dreammallow
I realize they look like a normal marshmallow, I assure they will having you dreaming all day long. Sydney cannot eat marshmallows out of a bag any more!

Guimauves à la Framboise
This the last weekend of baking that Sydney will be in high school, by mid week she will be a graduate. I don't want to nor will I waste a gram of time with her this summer. I am positive we are going to be mad scientists in the kitchen all summer long, with exclusion of her going out with friends and dates. 

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